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Then you also need to quantify the volume included within the services. This could mean determining how many bank accounts, credit card accounts, or number of transactions in a month.

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  • Depending on the accounting specialization you are interested in, the list of offers can be extended to financial analysis and forecasting, entity formation deals, and more.
  • Digital signatures can reduce proposal turnaround time by up to 80%.
  • Alternatively, you can use an accounting proposal template or related templates to make life simpler.

The accounting and bookkeeping services service proposal is given in response to hiring the accounting service of an individual. Accounts tell us about the financial position of a company at large determined to an extent the future financial condition of the company. It also reflects the profit or loss incurred by the organization.

Sample Accounting Proposal Template with Beautiful Cover Page

Offering something that is not completely aligned with your client’s business needs is a surefire way of getting your proposal denied. For as long as many can remember, accountant fees have always been based on the billable hour as a pricing strategy.

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  • Here, if you go out of scope, well, you keep charging for the time that you spend.
  • Jetpack Workflow has created a free set of 32 accounting and bookkeeping workflow templates that can help you standardize your workflows.
  • If you have a few moments, I would love to stop by and drop off some information regarding our services.
  • An accounting proposal is written in response to a request for accounting services.

After the initial term of this contract services will be provided on continuing monthly basis at the current rate schedule. Current rates are disclosed no less than days prior to the end of the initial term of this contract. If new contract for period of or more months is signed the rates will be locked in at the current rate at the time of signing. Valley Fitness Inc is in need of Accounting and Payroll services to take over for an overburdened owner manager. With limited office staff the accounting and payroll functions have been suffering. Outsourcing these office activities will all the owners management to focus on other aspects of the business. Accountants, payroll and financial professionals, service providers, health and fitness related services.

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This includes bank records, tax filings, payroll records, purchase and sale records, and regulatory filings. Bookkeeping involves maintaining accurate and updated records of all of your company’s financial activity. If there’s a specific bookkeeping software you work with, like Quickbooks or Xero, this is the place to list it. Alternatively, if you’ll work with any bookkeeping software a company has, state that as well. By signing below, you are accepting the terms and conditions outlined above.

How do you write a bookkeeping proposal?

A bookkeeping proposal includes several components. There is an initial introductory cover letter, an outline of the services to be rendered, a pricing quote, and a place for the client's signature to indicate acceptance of the proposal.

If you have any questions for us in the meantime, please let us know. If it’s easier to jump on a call, I’m available this week on Thursday 12-2pm, and Friday 10-12pm to discuss with you.

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If you have examples of a time your financial consulting services have benefited one of your clients, include a testimonial here. These are the types of hard-hitting stories that your future clients will love. We perform a variety of financial and accounting services, and offer you the maximum flexibility by allowing you to rely on us for any of the services that we offer as needed. When possible, have your account services proposal signed by your CEO or another top manager in your company.


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An accounting proposal is written in response to a request for accounting services. A business accounting proposal is written to help the business owner get funds for a particular project or attract probable clients so that they may invest in the business.

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It’s been great working with you over the last 12 months and watching your business go from strength to strength. If you have any questions, you can call us at [], or send an email at []. With that in mind, can you think of 3 other business owners in your network that… If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Start a free trial or get a personalized product demo from the Qwilr sales team.

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All services included in your initial setup or regular monthly services should be carefully outlined to prevent misunderstanding. This will be one of the main sections where the potential client will be comparing if they have multiple proposals from different firms. We combine a team of experts, systematized processes and procedures, and the very latest in accounting technology to ensure our clients receive the very best services to support their unique business needs. Some business owners want a simple income statement and balance sheet with their financial statements. Others may expect a detailed report on their cash flow, and details on why the balance sheet looks the way it does.

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